Dizzy while Dieting? It may not be what you think.

How to treat dizziness while dietingEver feel like the room is whirling around  you?  Some of our patients have come to us complaining of dizziness while dieting.  This is usually not a symptom that accompanies dieting, although occasionally low blood sugar or low Potassium will precipitate it.  Often, a feeling of dizziness or whirling is a sign of a middle ear infection or Vertigo.

What to do?  Try using a supplement of B-complex and increase your minerals.  Magnesium, Manganese, and Potassium are especially helpful.

If your dizziness is due to low blood sugar, you may find it helpful to eat a small snack that is low on the Glycemic index.  Foods that are low on the Glycemic index are foods that will not spike your blood sugar after eating them, but rather will gradually, and subtly raise your blood sugar.  These types of foods are especially helpful for people who are pre-diabetic, or Type 2 diabetic.

Some examples of foods that have a low glycemic index are Greek-style yogurt such as Fage, soy beans, soy milk, cows milk, hummus and peanuts.


-MD Diet Staff

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