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Bruise Easily? Dieting may increase your risk for bruises unless you try this tip…

  Ever hear yourself saying…“where did THAT bruise come from?” or “Okay I barely walked into the counter, what’s with the big bruise?” Bruising while dieting is actually pretty common among women. (YAY! You’re not the only one!) Bruises are basically caused by pressure that breaks the walls of your small blood vessels (aka capillaries) […]

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Dealing with Depression while on a Diet

Most dieters are unhappy about having to diet, but few are genuinely depressed.  Depression can manifest itself in the form of sadness, emptiness, anger, irritability, and/or an overall inability to control one’s emotions.  Many women who experience premenstrual syndrome also experience depression, irritability, and weight gain that is not necessarily connected to dieting. That said, if […]

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