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The Plant Based Diet

We recommend our plant-based diet to those who have food restrictions or those who simply don’t want to eat meat. Eating a plant-based diet provides a host of other benefits as well, including supporting your immune system, reducing inflammation and lowering your risk for a host of diseases. At MD Diet, we’ll provide you a meal plan, recipes, and all the tools for success. You’ll be the slim, healthy and happy you in no time!

  • This class is for New Patients at the SLC location only.

    You'll start your weight loss journey by attending a 50 minute previously recorded online nutrition class where you will learn the most important weight-loss principles. Make sure you check your spam folder for the email

    After taking the class you will have an appointment with the nurse practitioner and nutritionist at the clinic where you will receive a personalized weight loss plan.

    You'll check in with us weekly for coaching, weigh-ins & B-Vitamin injections so you can lose weight fast and efficiently and with the support you need.

    The fee for the first month is $175, this covers your nutrition class, doctor's appointment, nutritional 1 on 1 and weekly vitamin injections.

    After the 1st month it's $115 for every month after that. Payment is due before scheduling the nutrition class.

    *If you're a former MD Diet patient who wants to restart our services please call the clinic at 801-293-3100. This class is for New Patients only.

    Cancellations: Please call 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule, as we typically have a waiting list. Less than a 48 hour notice you will be subject to a $40.00 fee.

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Analysis Details

Your personalized recommendation is based on your height, weight and gender. To help you stay healthy, you’ll need a plan that includes:

What's Next

You don't need to do weight-loss alone. Do it the easy way. Get step-by-step support from a team of weight-loss experts so you can lose weight in the quickest and most healthy way possible. At MD Diet you'll:

  • Attend a nutrition class and learn the basics of nutrition
  • Get a bio-analysis, where we'll analyze your body fat, muscle and water percentages
  • Have a 1 on 1 with the Nutritionist where you will receive your personalized plan
  • Meet with the Nurse Practitioner or Doctor to see if any medication is necessary to curb appetite or boost metabolism
  • Come in weekly for weigh-ins and B-vitamin injections, which will boost your metabolism and increase energy levels, and monthly for Doctor's visits. At these check-ins you'll be able to get all of your questions answered and get the support you need to stick to your weight-loss plan.

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