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Are you tired, overweight, depressed, have a low sex drive, or have difficulty remembering things? If so, you may be experiencing a hormonal imbalance. Our hormone levels go down with age, and if you haven’t had them checked recently, you should see if you’re a candidate for hormone replacement therapy. At MD Diet, our providers have decades of experience treating patients for hormone imbalances so that they can lose weight, have more energy, and feel better. In fact, we consider bioidentical hormone replacement as a critical component in our weight loss programs.


Some hormones that get out of whack when we age are testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, and insulin. These hormones play a crucial role in weight loss. When these hormones are imbalanced, it can lead to weight gain and a host of unpleasant symptoms. MD Diet’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps restore balance to these hormones, leading to improved weight loss results.


Thyroid hormones are responsible for regulating the body's metabolism. If you have low thyroid, your metabolism will slow down, leading to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. MD Diet can prescribe medication that returns thyroid levels to normal, leading to a faster metabolism and an easier time losing weight and keeping it off. 


For women, estrogen is essential in weight loss. Both too high or too low of estrogen levels can increase weight gain. High estrogen levels in the body can irritate the cells that produce insulin, making you insulin-resistant and causing blood sugar levels to rise. This will cause your metabolism to slow down and increase hunger levels making it very difficult to lose weight.

Low levels of estrogen can also cause weight gain. When women get older and go through menopause, they typically have lower estrogen levels. During menopause, the ovaries no longer produce estrogen, so the body starts looking for estrogen elsewhere. One source of estrogen is fat cells. So the body turns all additional energy sources into fat to create more estrogen, leading to weight gain in the legs, butt, and thighs.

If your estrogen levels are too high or too low, MD Diet can help get them back into balance through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This will help you to feel less hungry and tell your body to quit turning the food you eat into fat and burn those calories for energy instead.


Progesterone is a hormone prevalent in women that helps balance out estrogen levels. Men have low amounts of progesterone and do not need hormone replacement for it. If you are a woman and are still ovulating, you need to have a balanced amount of estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone enhances estrogen’s effects on the body. Suppose there is an insufficient amount of progesterone in the body. In that case, the body becomes “estrogen dominant,” which leads to problems like cramping, bloating, breast tenderness, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, infertility, and period pains.


Insulin is another crucial hormone for weight loss. When insulin levels are imbalanced, your body will store energy as fat instead of burning it. Essentially high insulin levels slow down your metabolism. When you have low insulin levels, your body will burn fat for fuel, speeding up your metabolism. At MD Diet, we can help you get your insulin levels checked and prescribe medication that can put things back into balance if they are off. Once your insulin is balanced, your body will go from slowed-down fat-storing mode to a high-speed fat-burning machine mode.

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For men, testosterone plays a crucial role in protein synthesis, which is essential for maintaining muscle mass, burning calories, and losing weight. As we age, we will lose muscle. We want to build and maintain muscle mass so that as we age, it isn’t such a huge decline in muscle. If you are feeling depressed, have a decrease in muscle mass, an increase in body fat, and a lowered sex drive, you may have low T or low testosterone. MD Diet can help you lose weight, increase muscle mass and feel better through testosterone replacement therapy or TRT.

Get Your Levels Checked and Start BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Today

If you feel stuck and unable to lose weight despite constant dieting and exercise, your hormones may be to blame. Getting your levels checked and back into balance with bioidentical hormone replacement can speed up your metabolism, make you less hungry, and make weight loss much more manageable. Plus, you’ll have more energy and feel happier. Contact us today to learn how our hormone replacement therapy can help you achieve your weight loss goals.