Weight Loss Success Stories


“I’ve been a client for a year and a half. MD Diet has changed my life! I have lost 85 lbs and other diets never worked for me. Kelli Behle knows so much from good food choices to hormones to natural pills. She will be my inspiration for the rest of my life. MD Diet is the best clinic!*”becky


Life Changing!

“MD Diet & Kelli made a life changing experience possible for me at 305 lbs and only 5′ 5″ and 59 years old, owning almost every diet book and doing everything my doctor said, I was getting bigger daily. MD Diet recognized immediately what the problem was, made doctor recommendations, etc.
The key ingredient was that there was a weekly and sometimes bi-weekly check up. If I missed a week they called to make sure everything was okay. That kind of attention is truly a representation of good business. Highly recommend to all my clients.*” Rose


“I have been coming to MD Diet for 7 months. If I had not come I would have never lost the 24 lbs I lost! I am so happy and feel good when I come to the clinic. The ladies at the clinic are unbelievable! They are happy and encouraging…. Kelli, the nutritionist, is amazing! She is so on top of everything and can see what people need to help them feel better.*”Jennette



“I have been a client for over 2 years and I am so grateful for the concern, care and patience shown to me while I have struggled to get down to a weight, and then maintain it, where I feel good about myself. (Besides the compliments of others of how much younger and healthier I look.) All of this has been accomplished without depleting my budget–in other words it has been very cost effective for me… I can’t sing their praises loud enough! As teh saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.” Come try it for yourself!*”Jean



Never felt better!“I believe that MD Diet is the best thing that has come into my life. I have never felt better about myself. At MD Diet, they back you with your life changing experience. To lose weight is not a decision taken lightly, the staff at MD Diet are very supportive to answer any question that I may have. MD Diet is the best!*”Mary


“This letter is just to let you know that you guys have changed my life forever. I will never forget what you’ve done for me and the happiness you’ve brought out in me.*”Heidi

“MD Diet is a life saver! I had pretty much lost everything through bankruptcy, family members had just recently passed on (died), and I felt hopeless. The picture of the lady [unzipping herself from the fat suit] was encouraging and after seeing this I felt hope–HOPE! The diet is more than a diet. It is a miracle; and for me, that’s what was needed. It works. It’s fast, and with great results. I recommend it to everyone who has given.*”J.M.



Lost 100 lbs!“I never had a weight problem until my first pregnancy. I gained 100 lbs and couldn’t get it off! I tried diets, exercise, over the counter pills and nothing worked. For 12 years I fought with my weight. I had been to doctor after doctor and they would run tests and no one could tell me what was going on with my body. Nobody would listen to me and my symptoms until I met Kelli at MD Diet. She took the time to listen to me and really dug deep into my health history and knew what was happening. She explained it thoroughly and it all made sense. Finally after 12 years, someone could actually help me and didn’t make me feel stupid. It was the greatest feeling to know that something was really wrong and it could be fixed. It’s been over a year now since my first visit. I’ve lost 100 lbs and I feel great! It’s been hard (it isn’t a quick fix) but well worth it. I’ve learned a lot and everyone at the clinic is always there for support–even when you just want to cry or scream! They are always there to give you that extra boost when you need it! MD Diet and Kelli have totally given me another chance at having a fun and healthy life. I can actually keep up with my 4 kids! I feel great, thanks MD Diet.*”Heather



*These diet programs vary in results from one person to the next. Since every person is different, we cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same experience.
Further, we recommend that you stay in contact with your primary care physician and update us on his or her recommendations regarding your diet.
We are not a medical care facility, but we are licensed to give sterile injections and advise people on their weight loss goals.

“I have been coming to MD Diet for a number of years (on and off). It has helped me stay on track, made me aware of how my hormones, eating habits have affected the way I feel and look. Never have they made [me] feel like I couldn’t achieve my goals. Always offering me new information and tips.”toni