When I see people, they don’t recognize me!


Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am Kimberly Sharks. I’m a mother of six. I work full-time as a freight operations manager at Unishippers here in salt Lake.

What’s your family life like?

I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois. Most of my family is back in Chicago. So I have a pretty big family, very close-knit, very supportive.

Why did you decide that you wanted to lose weight?

Being a mother of six kids, I wanted to make sure that I’m healthy enough to be around for them. And the weight was a big factor in that.

Why did you pick up the phone and make the appointment with MD diet?

It was the beginning of the year. I was just at my wit’s end with the weight. Just done. New year, new start. And I just picked up the phone and made the phone call.

How much weight did you lose?

I lost 130 pounds in 10 months!


Tell me what your experience has been with MD Diet?

It’s been a great experience. Going in it’s very personal. Just a very friendly, open staff. They know my name as soon as I walked in. The Nurse Practioner is very helpful. They’re always available to answer any questions that I have.

What sort of opposition did you face during your weight-loss journey?

I think the most challenging part was just to be around other foods outside of my diet. But I’m very disciplined. So I didn’t struggle too much with having to be on a program and staying committed to it,

How did losing weight positively affect your life?

It’s definitely helped me to be able to have more confidence in myself and to feel comfortable inside my body, just in my clothes, just with everything.


What has your family said?

My family loves it. It’s more or less when I see people, they don’t recognize me. There are two totally different people from the person that I was in 2019 compared to now. So they are very supportive and they love, love the weight loss and are excited for me. Being back to this size and having people confuse me for my daughter, I’ll take it.

If someone called you and said “Why should I go to MD Diet”, what would you tell them?

Go to MD diet because it’s personal. When I walk in, they know exactly who I am. And I feel like I’m not just a number or a dollar sign. They are there to help you. Answer any questions that you have. It’s just the support, very warm, open support. The diet is easy to follow. It’s not something where you’re counting points or counting calories, it is more or less just making sure that you’re having all of your proteins, all of your fruit and drinking all of your water. Go into MD Diet open-minded, don’t go in with a lot of expectations and realize that it is going to take time, be patient with yourself and just know that you didn’t gain that weight overnight, so you’re not going to lose it overnight. There will be ups and downs throughout the weight loss. You may lose weight, you may gain, but just stay motivated, believe in yourself and keep going.