Ask a Weight Loss Specialist: Are Negative-Calorie Foods a Myth?

  Have you ever heard of negative-calorie foods? If not, let a weight loss specialist fill you in. Supposedly, Negative-calorie foods are foods that burn more calories when being chewed and digested than you gain from eating them. But do negative-calorie foods really exist? Or are they a myth? Let’s chew on this issue a […]

Mashed Cauliflower

Are you on a ‘diet’ and missing comfort food like ‘mashed potatoes?’ This recipe is low carb and a killer substitute! You won’t even notice the difference. INGREDIENTS 1 cauliflower whole head, separated into florets 1 garlic whole bulb 1 teaspoon olive oil 2 teaspoons thyme fresh chopped 1/4-1/2 teaspoon kosher salt or to taste […]

Deli Turkey Lettuce Wrap

If you love tasty subs and wraps but are trying to lose weight and follow a low-carb diet then these MD Diet Deli Turkey Lettuce Wraps will hit the spot!

What Protein Sources are Healthiest?

A slab of steak, a chicken wing or bowl of lentils isn’t just 100% protein, the whole package includes fats, fiber, sodium, and so much more. It’s this “package” that makes all the difference in how healthy a protein source is.

Slimming Spring Garlantro Salad

heart-healthy gralantro (Garlic & Cilantro) has the perfect blend cilantro and garlic that’ll make your tastebuds cry for more.

3 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Immune System

Do you think it’s possible to boost your own immune system? We’ve studied it out and came up with a list of 3 Simple Hacks to boost your immune system that actually makes a difference.

Could Air Pollution Be Making Utahns Gain Weight?

Exposure to pollution during childhood makes adolescents 34% more likely to eat unhealthy food— regardless of household income, parent education level or proximity to fast-food restaurants.

Weight Loss Myth: Skipping breakfast will help me lose weight.

MYTH: Skipping breakfast will boost weight loss.
FACT: Skipping breakfast will lead to weight gain, elevated cholesterol & a slower metabolism.
Read more to find out the best breakfast foods for weight loss!

Healthy Holiday Recipe Swaptions

At MD Diet, we’ve come up with some “swaptions”. Swap + Options = Swaptions! You can still enjoy the holidays and stick to your weight loss plan too. These tips will sleigh you!

Sleep’s Impact On Weight Loss

Many people face dilemmas in their weight loss journey without realizing what could very likely be the culprit: sleep, or rather, lack thereof.

Weight Loss Swaptions: Vegetables!

Weight loss is no easy feat. It’s important to REALLY know what on your plate for lunch? Well, you’re going to want to.

5 Healthy Halloween Snacks

5 Healthy Halloween snacks. No tricks here. These healthy Halloween recipes make it more than possible to have a frightfully-fun night.

Weight Loss Swaptions: Greek Yogurt

Do you know the fat, carb or calorie content of your cooking ingredients? Well, you’re going to want to. For instance, did you know that 1 3/4 a cup of cream cheese is 2590 calories? Yikes! At MD Diet, we’ve come up with some “swaptions” for you so that you can still use your classic family recipes and stick to your weight loss plan.

Strawberries: Dirty Dozen Champs

Did you know that strawberries have won 1st place in the dirty dozen most pesticide-contaminated produce competition?

11 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard! Sometimes simple changes in your lifestyle can make a huge difference and help you shed the pounds without even realizing it. Check out our 11 ways to trick yourself into losing weight.

9 Ways to Stop Cheating On Your Diet

Sticking to your weight loss goals all comes down to developing healthy routines. If you use these 9 tips you’re practically guaranteed to be successful.

Dining Out?  Keep Up Your Weight Loss with These 3 Tips!

Did you know that 92 percent of restaurant meals have twice as many calories as doctors recommend? If you’re on a diet, ordering the wrong thing can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals. The good news is that we’ve got some tips that’ll help you eat out and still stay slim.

5 Ways to Beat The Late-Night Snack Attack

Battling a late-night snack attack! If you regularly find your willpower fading at the end of the day and yourself with a case of the munchies, check out our 5 helpful tips for curbing late night eating.

Bruise Easily?  Dieting may increase your risk for bruises unless you try this tip…

  Ever hear yourself saying…“where did THAT bruise come from?” or “Okay I barely walked into the counter, what’s with the big bruise?” Bruising while dieting is actually pretty common among women. (YAY! You’re not the only one!) Bruises are basically caused by pressure that breaks the walls of your small blood vessels (aka capillaries) […]

Healthy Eggs in a Basket Recipe

This version of eggs in a basket is super easy and a great way to get your veggies and eggs into your diet.