Strawberries: Dirty Dozen Champs

Did you know that strawberries have won 1st place in the dirty dozen most pesticide-contaminated produce competition?

11 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard! Sometimes simple changes in your lifestyle can make a huge difference and help you shed the pounds without even realizing it. Check out our 11 ways to trick yourself into losing weight.

9 Ways to Stop Cheating On Your Diet

Sticking to your weight loss goals all comes down to developing healthy routines. If you use these 9 tips you’re practically guaranteed to be successful.

Dining Out?  Keep Up Your Weight Loss with These 3 Tips!

Did you know that 92 percent of restaurant meals have twice as many calories as doctors recommend? If you’re on a diet, ordering the wrong thing can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals. The good news is that we’ve got some tips that’ll help you eat out and still stay slim.

5 Ways to Beat The Late-Night Snack Attack

Battling a late-night snack attack! If you regularly find your willpower fading at the end of the day and yourself with a case of the munchies, check out our 5 helpful tips for curbing late night eating.

Bruise Easily?  Dieting may increase your risk for bruises unless you try this tip…

  Ever hear yourself saying…“where did THAT bruise come from?” or “Okay I barely walked into the counter, what’s with the big bruise?” Bruising while dieting is actually pretty common among women. (YAY! You’re not the only one!) Bruises are basically caused by pressure that breaks the walls of your small blood vessels (aka capillaries) […]

Healthy Eggs in a Basket Recipe

This version of eggs in a basket is super easy and a great way to get your veggies and eggs into your diet.

What to Do When Friends And Family Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals

Our friends & family can unintentionally sabotage our health & fitness goals. US News recently posted a few psychology-backed tips for getting the fam to give you the support you need.

5 Easy Hacks To Help You Lose Weight & Get Fit

Finding the motivation to lose weight get fit isn’t easy. In fact, when we look at “so-called” fitness motivation photos of people with the ideal body and compare our soft around the middle selves to them it can seem so overwhelming and discouraging that many of us don’t even try as a result. At MD […]

Dieting Can Be a Headache

Headaches while trying to lose weight is fairly common. But that doesn’t mean you should suffer through it. Try a few of our simple tips to eliminate that headache.

5 Freaky Fast Food Facts

Do you really know what’s in that burger, fries and fountain drink? Beware, if you read these 5 Freaky Fast Food Facts you’ll never look at fast food the same way again.  

Dizzy while Dieting?  It may not be what you think

Ever feel like the room is whirling around you? Although dizziness may happen while dieting, it’s not because of your actual diet. Let’s look into the real reason behind why your feeling dizzy!

Mythbusted: Are All Calories Created Equal?

Is it true that someone could lose weight while eating nothing but pop tarts, candy corn and potato chips? Is a calorie just a calorie, no matter where it comes from? Or is there more to it? Read our blog post to find out.

How To Treat Dry Skin While Dieting

Did you know that dry skin is actually a really common side-effect of weight loss? This can be caused by dehydration, a decrease in vitamins, or a drop in the metabolic rate. Lucky for you, we know how to help you get your smooth, silky skin back.

How to Combat Bad Breath while Dieting

To get bad breath under control it’ll help to understand what causes it while dieting.

Why Am I Stuck? Weight-loss Questionaire

Have you sunk into a weight loss funk? It happens to all of us.
Answer these question to find out why & how to get back your spunk!

Quick Southwestern Omelette

This omelet not only tastes good, it’s really filling even though it’s only 120 calories

5 Fitness Lifehacks

Did you know you can avoid the negative mental effects of aging & even Alzheimer’s disease by simply staying fit? Research has shown that improving your fitness level may improve your brain health and slow down the aging process. A recent study found that those who had a higher fitness level had improved brain health […]

How to Eat at Cafe Rio Without Packing on The Pounds

Trying to lose weight but still want to eat at Utah’s favorite Mexican restaurant, Cafe Rio?  All you have to do is get the salad and you’re good to go, right? Think again… Cafe Rio’s salad with all the extras, guac, sour cream ect… is a whopping 1546 calories. That’s like eating 3 Big Macs or […]

Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day With These 5 Tips

Oh,*sigh* Valentine’s Day…. some of us call it by its more realistic names: “Single Awareness Day,” “Mom Keeps Calling To ‘Check In’ Day,” “Chocolate Sale at CVS Eve” or “If My Coworker Gets Another Bouquet I’m Going to Murder Her Day.” While some of us are enjoying a night out at a swanky restaurant with […]