A central part of any weight loss plan is to consume fewer calories than you expend in a day, and artificial sugar seems like an easy way to cut back on the calories. But before you decide to start using Splenda and Equal, there are some things to consider.

Artificial sugars are generally hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. Therefore, you can consume much less of it and still get the same amount of sweetness in your diet.

But sometimes these fake sugars aren’t digested the same way that normal sugar is. It may be that real sugar ismddiet-fakesugar something that helps you feel full after a meal. Real sugar tends to heat up your metabolism, which starts a process of burning calories. With fake sugar, you may continue to consume additional calories, because you are missing out on some satiation.

It may be that natural sweeteners are the best route to take. Consider something like honey or agave to sweeten your meals.

Even if artificial sweeteners did help you lose weight, there would still be the questions that have been raised about them by researchers all across the world.

Researchers in Italy, for example, recently found a connection between extended Splenda consumption and an increased risk of Leukemia. The study must be followed up by more studies for the finding to be confirmed, of course, but some researchers do in fact recommend that children and pregnant mothers avoid fake sugar all together.

Other studies have connected sucralose and cancer. While the fake sweeteners on the market today have all been given the stamp of approval by the FDA, researchers are not in agreement. Regardless, it is wise to limit our consumption of these sugars.

Perhaps new artificial sweeteners will soon enter the market that we can grasp onto for weight loss. A company named Cargill, for example, is extracting sugars from a South African plant and making an artificial sweetener that it claims tastes far better than others on the market, and contains fewer calories.

In conclusion, don’t think that just because you eat artificial sweeteners you can go and eat whatever else you want. Fake sugars may be a way to lower your calories, but strictly following your weight loss plan or the plan set up by your weight loss center is the best way to go.