This high protein cauliflower rice stir-fry is sure to liven up your diet life!

One of the best ways to lose weight is to eliminate a high carbohydrate food by substituting a low-carb alternative. One of our favorite ways to do that is by using cauliflower rice. Try it out in our Asian Ground Beef Stir Fry recipe. Who says losing weight can't be delicious?

2 tbs olive oil
8 oz cremini mushrooms
8 oz green beans
1 lb ground beef
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 thumb-sized chunk of ginger, grated or minced
1 head of cauliflower
8 oz bok choy
1/3 cup soy, tamari, or coconut aminos
1 tbs stevia brown sugar
Optional 1/2 tbs of Sriracha
Garnish: cilantro, green onion, squeeze of lime juice.

  1. Prep your ingredients. With the largest part of a box grater, grate your head of cauliflower. Set aside. Mince garlic & ginger, trim green beans, slice mushrooms, slice bok choy in 1/2 inch slices. Set aside. Next, make your sauce. In a small bowl, whisk or stir soy sauce, honey & optional Sriracha. Set aside.
  2. In a large skillet, heat 2 tbs olive oil on medium-low heat for 2 minutes or until just smoking. Turn heat to medium-high. Add your mushrooms. Toss. Let them cook out some of their water and begin to brown, about 5 minutes. Next, add your green beans. Toss. Let them steam in some of the released water and also brown a little. About 5 minutes.
  3. Add the ground beef. Break up the beef and toss with veggies. When the beef is 3/4 browned, drain some of the fat. You don’t have to do this, but I don’t love it when the rest of the things that get tossed in are really oily. Depending on the fat content of your beef, you may drain a good amount. Add ginger and garlic. Let cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds.
  4. Toss with meat, green beans and mushrooms. Now, add sauce. Toss until everything is coated and then bring heat to high. The sauce should bubble and thicken, about 5 minutes. Bring heat back down to medium. Next add your cauliflower rice and toss. This will steam in the veggie, meat and sauce pretty quickly.
  5. Finally, add bok choy. Toss until the greens of the bok choy wilt, about 1-2 minutes. Remove from heat! To finish your stir fry, add chopped cilantro, a squeeze of lime, and minced green onion.