Meet Kathy Snook, she loves her family and works hard to provide for them. Kathy works as a distribution manager for a local book publisher. When she is not at work, you can find her spending time with her amazing family. She loves to cook, crochet, and volunteer at the prison, where she gives back by teaching positive decision skills to prisoners.

Things haven’t always been easy for Kathy, especially regarding her weight. She reached a low point when she realized she weighed about 200 pounds and decided that she didn’t want to hate looking at herself anymore. Luckily for Kathy, a friend referred her to MD diet. Kathy states, “I tried so many different things to try to lose weight and nothing was working. This time I just felt like I needed some help! It hasn’t been easy, but I stuck with it.” True to her word, Kathy has been coming into MD Diet regularly the last few months and has lost almost 50 pounds and is now a happier and healthier person. “Without these guys, I don’t think I would have been able to do this by myself, I am so grateful for MD Diet!” she said.

Kathy loves that her self-esteem has greatly improved. She admits that weight loss has been a struggle for many years, and she finally feels better and more confident about herself. Losing 50 pounds has given her the confidence and the sense that she can accomplish just about anything. Her family and friends were dying to know just what she did to lose all this weight, and are all amazed at her progress.

Kathy says that if you are thinking of doing MD Diet that, in the iconic words of Nike, you should “just do it! You will feel better physically and emotionally. Their diet works, but you have to be 100% committed!”