Ever wonder why in the world we have everyone start off with a detox diet? Here’s a couple of reasons (Okay… maybe a little more than a “couple”):

  • The detox chemically adjusts the body into a high metabolic burn
  • The body is detoxified by flushing out those toxins
  • Excess water storage is also flushed
  • Increases energy throughout the day
  • Resets your food choices
  • Helps you gain control of your cravings
  • Eliminates addicting foods from your diet
  • Gives your body the micronutrients it needs
  • Manages stress on a chemical level

Still a skeptic? Check out the science behind it.

Morrison & Iannucci came out with a study in 2012 titled ‘Symptom Relief and Weight Loss From Adherence to a Meal Replacement-enhanced, Low-calorie Detoxification Diet’. (that’s a mouthful).

The diet used in this study is very similar to the detox that we ask you to do. *see Table 1 & 2.  (There are a few differences so please don’t use this information to know what you can and can’t eat while detoxing.)

Detox table from study

To analyze the study’s data the research team examined the changes occurring from pre-intervention to post-intervention in participants medical symptoms and weights. This also involved a detox questionnaire with a scoring system. The overall total for the detox scale score declined an average of 66.3% across participants. That’s a YUGE decline in the patient’s symptoms of toxicity. Less toxicity is a very good thing.  Check out the abstract for a bit more info.

Detox Study Abstract

If you want to get nerdy about it and read the whole study like we did, you can check it out .