Does grandma make you cookies every time you visit or mom insist you take that leftover cake home? Our friends & family can unintentionally sabotage our health & fitness goals. US News recently posted a few psychology-backed tips for getting the fam to give you the support you need in your weight-loss journey. Check out our summary here:

How others may react to your decision to lose weight

  • People may perceive your lifestyle changes as a threat to your relationship.
  • Friends and family may worry you are judging their own eating choices.
  • Your spouse may be afraid that if you lose weight, you will no longer be attracted to them and they will lose you.

Proactive strategies you can take

  • Remind your loved ones that your lifestyle changes will not affect your relationships.
  • Coach them on how they can help you.
  • Express gratitude when they do help you.
  • Be patient. Give your friends and family time to adjust to your new lifestyle.
  • Gently point out how their behavior hinders you.
  • Be responsible. In the long run, you have to be committed to yourself and your goals, no matter what your friends and family choose to do.

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