keto friendly bullet coffee

Want a tasty Keto friendly drink to have before work in the mornings, then look no further than this recipe for some Bulletproof Coffee.

So what is Bulletproof coffee? In its purest form, it is a combination of butter, coconut oil or MCT oil and coffee. In recent years, it has changed into basically being any kind of coffee with lots of fat blended into it from a variety of sources like:

  • Heavy cream 
  • Butter 
  • Coconut oil/milk/cream 
  • MTC Oil 

Tasty Additions: 


This is probably the tastiest addition. It combines perfectly with the coffee and butter to give your coffee a great  taste while not adding any artificial sweetness. 

Cocoa Powder 

Some people swear by this, but I’m not sure why. I find cocoa powder makes your Bulletproof coffee unbearably  bitter and I’d advise everyone but the most die hard of cocoa fans to avoid this one. 

Stevia Drops 

If you want to go the artificial sweetener route this is probably your best choice. A nice liquid keto-friendly  sweetener that instantly turns your fatty coffee into dessert. 

Sugar Free Syrups 

These are right there with stevia drops. Instead of just sweetness though, these add different flavors to your  Bulletproof coffee. I’ve found caramel to go really nicely with the buttery taste of the coffee. 

How To Make Keto Coffee: 

This is the easy part. You basically throw everything in a blender and blend it together. I like adding all of the oils first with the blender set on a food scale so I can make sure I’m tracking my intake properly. A good option that a  lot of people on the go will use is a milk frother. These are pretty cheap and do a good job of mixing your keto coffee. Nothing is worse than a poorly mixed coffee with all of the butter and oil sitting on top.

Make sure when adding the ingredients to this recipe that you reference your keto diet custom plan to make sure you’re staying under your calories for the day.

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