Skinny Baja Chicken Zucchini Tacos

Here’s our Baja Chicken with Zucchini Shell Tacos. They’ll remind you and your friends of relaxing at a little taco stand by the beach after a warm summer day of sand and sun spent in Cabo.

Orange Ginger Chicken Salad

Here’s a simple & quick chicken salad recipe that’s bursting with flavor. This easy chicken salad has an Asian twist that will enlighten your senses and fill your home with a sweet citrus fragrance.

HCG Spinach Chicken Roll – Phase 2 & 3

This recipe is created for a Phase 2 HCG meal, but below you will also find Phase 3 modifications to fit your specific diet needs. If you are craving some comfort food, this will do the trick. It is easier than it looks and you can be creative with the ingredients.

Low-Cal Kung Pao Chicken

Who says Chinese food can’t be healthy? This delicious Low-Cal Kung Pao Chicken is easy on your waistline and easy to make!

HCG Hot n’ Sour Chinese Soup

Delicious soup that will stimulate your senses and help clear out a cold or sore throat! This is a very close imitation of a chinese favorite Hot n’ Sour soup. Quick and easy lunch or dinner. The spicy flavor will suppress your appetite and fill you up quick! Add red pepper flakes or additional cayenne […]