Cold Sensitivity while on a diet

Ever sit at your desk at work and feel like your in the middle of the arctic?  Do you wrap up while others are stripping down?

One possible side effect while dieting is cold sensitivity.  Cold sensitivity can leave you feeling cold even when your environment feels comfortable to everyone else.  There are a lot of reasons why a person can become sensitive to the cold, but one reason you may get cold while on a diet is that your body cools as you lose weight.   Additionally, weight loss increases circulating estrogen in the blood causing slightly higher Estrogen dominance.  Estrogen helps to cool  your body down, which is why it is often used to treat Hot flashes for menopausal women.  Your body should regulate after you have lost the weight and begin your maintenance program.  In the meantime, if the cold is unbearable,
talk to the physician to see if Estrogen is the cause of  your cold sensitivity, and what options you have for treatment.


-MD Diet Staff

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