hcg dieting scamsThere’s been a lot of confusion about HCG lately. With HCG growing in popularity, a lot of products have hit the market that claim to contain HCG. According to MD Diet’s Kelli Behle, “The famous HCG diet is available by prescription only. There are many products that use HCG in their name, like Homeopathic HCG. But these products are nothing more than expensive water. In fact, we had Dr. Brigham Lundahl, a chiropractor and naturopathic doctor, test some homeopathic HCG, and he found there were no traces of HCG in this at all.

Under the real HCG diet, the HCG comes from a human hormone. When used properly with the HCG diet, real HCG causes a person to lose fat and not muscle. That means only real HCG can cause permanent weight loss.” She added, “HCG is different from other diets in that the muscle is maintained throughout the diet. Most diets do not help retain the muscle. If muscle is lost, the metabolism slows down and the fat remains. In our experience, we’ve seen many people lose a pound a day. In one instance, one of our patients actually lost 48 pounds in 30 days.”

Behle added that MD Diet pioneered HCG in Utah more than two decades ago. “We have several patients who used the so-called sublingual HCG drops and homeopathic HCG that have come to us as they had little success on their diets. If they did lose weight, they said that is was extremely hard as they were starving the entire time and the weight came back with a vengeance. That is because without using real HCG, they lost their muscle instead of fat. These patients even noticed that our other patients on the real HCG diet had a youthful appearance with their skin, but they had a saggy appearance with their skin and wanted to try the real HCG diet to counter these effects. Although they were very weary to try our prescription HCG because with the sublingual and homeopathic HCG they gained the weight back, they found the real HCG 500-calorie diet is easy to do and they are not hungry. In fact, some patients have told us they don’t even feel the need to consume all 500 calories,” Behle added.