Lose Weight Terms And Conditions


Don't Wait, Lose Weight Promotion Regular First Month PricePromo Price
 New Patients$165 $125
 Restarts$140 $100
Current  Patients Try Keto For Free$99 + Free (Keto Fee Waived)
All Patients1 FREE LipoBlast Treatment

New patients and restarts who sign up for MD Diet’s weight loss program during the Don't Wait To Lose Weight Promo will receive $40 dollars off their first month of any diet at MD Diet. A restart is a former patient who hasn’t been to MD Diet in over 18 months. Current patients get $40 off starting Keto. Current patients who want to start Keto normally pay in addition to their $99 doctor's visit a one time $40 fee for an additional visit that includes a Keto class, nutritional counseling and meal plan. During the Don't Wait To Lose Weight promo this one-time fee is waived. All patients get 1 FREE LipoBlast Treatment. The promotion starts on 11/12/19 and ends on 11/19/19 at 11:59PM MST. To get the promotional discount, patients must sign up for MD Diet’s weight loss program or schedule their next doctor’s appointment during the promotional period, however, they may schedule their appointment after 11:59PM MST on 11/19/19 as long as they have called in, emailed, or messaged MD Diet about their desire to schedule an appointment before the promotion expires on 11/19/19 at 11:59PM MST. This offer may not be combined with any other offer. This offer can be used only one time per patient. Promotional offer has no cash value. $40 off valid at SLC location only.

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