Research shows that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates can be an effective weight loss tool. But going about it the wrong way can be bad for your health, causing you to miss out on important nutrients.

Carbohydrates are what the body usually uses for fuel. When a person consumes fewer carbohydrates, the body turns to other macronutrients for fuel, like fat. Carbohydrates promote the production of insulin as well. Insulin, some research shows, inhibits the breakdown of fat deposits in the body.

Carbohydrates are still important to eat however. In a high protein diet, cut back on the bad carbs like soda, sweets, whiteshutterstock_113959606 bread and cookies, but eat good carbs like vegetables and fruits, which provide important fiber.

Consuming fewer carbs can help lower weight, and can improve your metabolic function, specifically lowering blood pressure.

Make sure to consume the right kinds of proteins. Make your diet revolve around fish, chicken, yogurt and other healthy sources of protein, and the high protein approach will work better for you. Limit red meat consumption to two or three times per week.

For a couple of reasons, upping proteins and lowering carbs makes dieting easier. Research shows that protein may leave the stomach slower than other macronutrients, meaning that you stay full for longer. This is a big plus, considering that dieting so often feels like starving. Physiological changes in the body when it is using fats instead of carbs for energy also may help control appetite.

Remember that a high protein diet should be a temporary weight loss method. Many of the body’s systems prefer carbohydrates for energy, so keep your high protein diet no longer than six months. Keeping longer can be hard on the kidneys, and may lead to headaches.

Furthermore, remember that a healthy lifestyle is important for weight loss, which involves both diet and exercise. If you want to keep the pounds off that you’ve lost with a high protein approach, you’ll need a regular exercise regimen.

In conclusion, make sure to eat health proteins when you try a high protein diet. MD Diet offers a variety of protein choices that will assist you, like high-protein oatmeal and soy nuts.