Ever feel like you just weren’t built for exercise?

Sometimes we step out the door for a run or onto the treadmill, and it is just pure torture. And then we look over and see someone with sweat pouring down their body with an enormous smile on their face.

Why can’t some of us seem to find enjoyment in exercise? Two important principles to remember about this is that loving MDdiet-fitnessexercise and healthy dieting is a learned behavior, and that everyone is built differently.

Learn to Love It

Life is better when you are fit. You have less chance of developing chronic illness, you can have more energy, and greater mental sharpness. Basically your body is functioning better if it is properly tuned and fueled.

But tuning up our bodies is uncomfortable. It is important to find ways to cope with the discomfort, especially if you are starting to diet and exercise for the first time in a while.

Music is one way to cope. Distracting yourself from the pain in your muscles and the wheezing in the chest can help you keep going to extend exercise to the right amount of time. Music has great capacity to change attitudes. Exercising with friends is another method to try.

Another important way to begin to enjoy exercise, however, is to really focus on yourself. It is never a great feeling to be the slowest or the fattest. But there is the problem. You might be comparing yourself to others, rather than just exercising and starting a diet program for yourself. Avoid comparing yourself to others.

Everyone Is Different

This is a hard subject to talk about, because so often it becomes an excuse to stay on the couch instead of getting out and being active.

But it is true that just like we have different hair and eye colors, we also have different internal organs, and different athletic capacities. And it is obvious that someone who is naturally coordinated and athletic will enjoy exercising more than someone who is awkward and unbalanced.

Some have a greater lung capacity and are able to more efficiently use oxygen that they take into the body.

But this is a great reason to not compare yourself to others. Sometimes the bottom line is that other people were just born with a better set of tools. But these differences don’t fate you to be overweight. Almost everyone can successfully maintain a healthy weight, or successfully lose weight through diet and exercise.

Lose weight and get fit by learning to enjoy exercise and dieting. It may be the most important skill you ever learn.