Oh,*sigh* Valentine’s Day…. some of us call it by its more realistic names: “Single Awareness Day,” “Mom Keeps Calling To ‘Check In’ Day,” “Chocolate Sale at CVS Eve” or “If My Coworker Gets Another Bouquet I’m Going to Murder Her Day.”

While some of us are enjoying a night out at a swanky restaurant with our bae who just happens to look like Brad Pitt, many of us are walling in “what ifs?” and watching cheesy rom-coms and enjoying our ice cream of choice. For those in the second category take a moment this Valentine’s Day and practice some serious self-care tips make it a “Love Yo’ Self day” instead.

Tip #1: Take Some Time for Some Relaxation and Meditation

The simplest way to start meditating is to focus on your breathing for at least 2 minutes. Find a quiet secluded place. Close your eyes and just breath in & out slowly. Breathe in peace & breathe out stress. That’s it! You just mediated!

Meditation can reduce pain, feelings of depression & anxiety and stress. It can also increase blood flow, peace, balance & energy.

Tip #2: Get a Little Help From Your Friends

Ask them what makes you special in their life. Just listen. Soak it in! Seeing how we are loved by others can be really powerful. Use this opportunity to feel awesome. It is okay to be told you are loved.

If you are a little uncomfortable asking, try sending an email or text to your friend instead.

Tip #3: Treat Yo’ Self

Splurge! Do what you want to do: get your nails done, go for a walk, get a massage, buy a new outfit, go for a drive, see a movie by yourself, get your favorite food, read your favorite book,  pursue your favorite hobby. Choose something that will cheer you up and fill your cup!

Tip #4: Dream a Little

Make yourself a vision board. In the madness and busyness of the days, weeks and months that fill our life it’s easy to forget what’s truly important and what we dream of doing and being. Fill your board with your passions, hobbies and the things that bring you peace and joy. Make doable goals to accomplish these and make sure to add some inspirational quotes as well to give you that extra boost. There’s nothing more encouraging and empowering than letting ourselves dream and making goals to achieve those dreams.

Pro tip: display your board where you will see it every day, not stashed in the back of your closet.

Tip #5: Positive Self Talk

Make a list of a few things you love about yourself. This might feel a little awkward at first, but it’s essential to be kind to yourself. Shaming and neglecting yourself won’t get you anywhere; just like yelling at a broken arm won’t make it heal any faster, just like our body takes time & gentle care to heal, so does our soul. Studies show that people with higher self-compassion are at a lower risk of depression & anxiety. Take a moment to jot down a list of about 10 attributes that you really admire about you!

Next step in front of the mirror and just look. Look at your eyes, your nose, your chin. Tell yourself what you love about you.. What you love to do. You can throw your self love list away, hide your vision board and ignore love from others… but once you face yourself in the mirror there is no more hiding. Stop running and start loving.

Before you jump back into the world, stop and take care of yourself. You determine how you feel about yourself, not the outside world.  Choose to fall in love with yourself on your first annual “Love Yo’ Self” day.