I’m Sami Morrison, I’m 24 years old. I just graduated from the University of Utah in December 2019 in Parks & Recreation and Tourism. I’m now working at the Utah State Parks out at a motocross state park. We have a lot of fun out there. As far as hobbies go, I love to go motorcycling, snowmobiling, kayaking and hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing.

Why did you decide you wanted to lose weight?

I had gained weight from traveling. I’d lived out of the country for a little bit. Before I left I found out that I had Hashimoto disease. Which can cause you to gain weight. And living in a foreign country was not helping that. When I came back from traveling I just had to do something as I’d always been healthy and in shape. I needed a little help.

Why MD Diet?

We heard about it from my mom’s friend. They’d done it and had good success. I’d tried other things before like Nutrisystem and doing just different workout plans and not had success. I needed something a little bit more strict and to have that accountability where you could go in every week and get weighed. And then get all your results and then have someone to talk to and get all your questions answered.

What did you like about MD Diet vs. Nutrisystem?

I liked that it was a physical place to go into. And that I could get advice from a real person. And it was a meal plan but you could also get the exercise from the nutritionist. There were also a lot of different options as far as weight loss plans so they would work with what you were wanting to do.

What has your experience been with the diet program?

It was kind of easy for my mom, dad and I, because it was during quarantine and my whole family did it together. No one was asking us out to dinner and we just all ate the same food and stuck to it and kept each other accountable.

What would be the most difficult thing?

Maintenance. I think after losing it. Keeping it off is the hardest. Because then it’s so easy to go back to the way you were living before.

How did losing weight positively affect your life?

It just brings more confidence and I have been happier. Obviously looking how you don’t want to look isn’t fun.

What have your family and friends said about your weight loss?

They are very happy for me. They all say I look great, they are all very shocked especially as we did not see each other for a while due to quarantine. I find it funny that the people who you aren’t related to that are friends are very vocal about your weight loss.

If someone called and said “Why should I go to MD Diet,” what would you tell them?

I would tell them because it helps keep you on track and helps keep you accountable. You should be going in every week and getting weighed. That’s what helped me and seeing the results week after week. That was really encouraging. Also having someone to ask those questions with at a physical building helped and having people to talk to to help you with your specific journey.