Talin Before and After

Talin of Half Stay at Home Mom, has three beautiful children that are the apple of her eye… and the source of her biggest weight loss struggle. The dreaded mama pooch! Talin isn’t the only one, we frequently get clients who come in asking for help to lose that mama pooch for good.

Now, let’s not get negative here. That body of yours grew, carried and birthed beautiful children! They were 10000% worth it(You might doubt that sometimes ?, but it’s true!). Thank & love your body for accomplishing such a miraculous thing! Some women would give the world to have a chance to experience that gift. But why not have the best of both worlds? Beautiful kids, and a toned, trim, healthy body?

That’s what Talin wanted and her goal was to get rid of her mom pooch before summer hit. Thankfully she only needed to lose about 7-10 pounds to be at her wedding day weight again. WOOT!

Summer is Coming

“I hold all my weight in my stomach area which annoys me. I also struggled with high cholesterol and I am prediabetic. The belly weight is important to lose because of my risk factors,” said Talin.

She chose to enroll at MD Diet to get healthy, and get that summer body in time for family BBQs and sunny swimming pool parties.

“MD Diet is not just for people who have hundreds of pounds to lose, it’s for anyone wanting to get on a healthy track,” she said.

After attending MD Diet, Talin reached her goal to flatten her stomach and also got relief from feeling bloated. Although she reached her goal weight, Talin plans to continue her eating habits she learned at MD Diet, “whatever they are teaching is working. I don’t feel sick after eating now because I know what to eat and in what amounts… I have flattened out and my arms are looking more tone too. I feel happier and healthier,” she said.

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Here at MD Diet we are all about positive body image and choosing a healthy lifestyle. We are here to support you, teach you, encourage you and help you reach your personal goals with love, grace and pride. If you want to get in shape for summer, give us a call at 801-293-3110.