Meet Kylynne Salazar! Mother of 3 who lost 76 pounds through the weight loss programs here at MD Diet! Here is her story.

How much weight did you lose?

I lost 76 pounds on this diet within a ten-month span. That’s insane! The amount of weight lost was crazy, I loved the program. I lost the weight in a healthy way, instead of how some people go out and try to starve themselves. That’s not ok. I’ve done that, it doesn’t work. But losing 76 pounds, becoming a healthy weight, and still eating the whole time, it’s amazing. I love it!

Why did you decide you wanted to lose weight?

My tipping point, my ultimate, “I have to do this,” was my blood pressure went up to 155 over 111 and that was its resting point. It would go higher, I would start to faint every time I stood up. I was not healthy. It was awful and I thought I was going to die. In fact, my doctor told me, “If you don’t do something about your weight now, you are not going to make it two more years.” 

How did losing weight positively affect your life?

The difference I have noticed is energy. I have so much energy! I was never able to run before, I run for 30 minutes a day now. It’s great! I couldn’t really walk let alone run before.

Why MD Diet?

MD Diet, I was suggested this by my little sister. She had lost a whole bunch of weight on it a year prior, and was a success. It was great, she did great, and she told me how great it was. But it took me a whole year before I decided to come and do it.

What has your experience been with the diet program?

I was skeptical coming in at first. I was like, “Well maybe this isn’t going to work for me. I’m 39, I don’t think there is any way to lose weight once you get to my age.” I thought that it’d be really hard. It’s not! And age had nothing to do with it. They have different things that will work for you. They weigh and tailor it to you and your body. They will help you through anything.

What have your family and friends said about your weight loss?

My family and friends were blown away at how fast I lost weight and how disciplined I was. I would go to birthday parties, family gatherings, and stuff like that and they would be eating everything that I could not have. I would bring my own food. I would tell them, “I need to eat at this time, I’ve got to do this.” and they were 100% supportive to the point where they would start cooking meals they knew I could have at our family functions. They would cheer me on, they thought it was so great. They watched my transformation, they watched how happy I got. I got nothing but positive, positive, positive from all of them. 

Any advice for other people trying out the MD Diet program?

You will have times when you will get frustrated. MD Diet will help you through that. They will show you what to do. It’s so much better coming to a place that will give you the tools to help yourself rather than just trying to make up these tools yourself. It doesn’t work when you’re trying to do it yourself. It may work for some people, but it never worked for me. It’s too easy to cheat or to fall off when you don’t have a plan laid out in front of you and you don’t see results every single week. It’s great to see those results every single week, even when it’s a small accomplishment. it’s amazing and a great feeling!

What did you think of the staff at MD Diet?

Kylynne Salazar MD Diet patient

Once I came in, the people here seemed to understand me and were very nice. I was so afraid to come to a diet place because most of the time you think you are going to walk in and see all these little skinny minnies that are going to be judging you. Never had that here. It was great! The nurse practitioner was amazing, the staff are amazing, everybody here was amazing. I felt comfortable and they made sure I knew that I could do this. They gave me the tools for my success and it was great.

Have you tried other diets or weight loss plans before? How did that go?

I have tried other diets before, but I couldn’t stick to them. I didn’t know how to really. I tried to diet myself but I didn’t know how to make healthy foods. I didn’t have anybody tell me how to do that. You look on the internet and there are so many different things. It didn’t make sense, one thing was contradicting the next thing and then I ended up giving up every single time. 

If someone called and said, “Why should I go to MD Diet?” what would you tell them?

I have actually had a lot of friends call me and ask me, “Well why did this work for you? How did this work for you? Do you suggest I do it?” I’ve told them, “Absolutely! Absolutely do it.”  

Anything else you want to say about your weight loss journey?

This has been one of the most mind-changing and life-changing experiences of my entire life. I want to thank the entire MD Diet staff, this place and my little sister for suggesting this to me. They gave me everything I needed to change my life and it is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I would recommend this to absolutely anybody, no matter what size you are, no matter what state of mind you’re in. Come in! Get it done! It’s great!


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